WHEN:- the first Wednesday of each month , except July and August          TIME:- 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM
WHERE:- White Rock - Surrey BRELLA  COMMUNITY SERVICES     [ 2 blocks west off 152nd street ]
15008-26 ave , SURREY
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WHO :- all stamp collectors, novices, advanced, just getting back in to the hobby after an absence, or wanting to learn about  Mom or Dad's collection.
WHY:- because we are a very friendly group of  hobbyists and welcome all to call or drop in to see what we can do for you.
Annual  membership dues   :-  $20.00
President : Terry Leishman
V.President : Steve Melanson
Treasurer: Walt Dakers
Secretary : 
Auction Controller : Ann Ligterwood
Auction Controller: Jim Mason
Auction Controller: Walt Dakers, Trenor Tilley
Auctionneers: Roy Sample, Vince  Ferrer, 
Auction assistants:  Doug Walker

Club stores : 
Covid 19 Protocols [entrance ]